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I had a very hard time, although it was the worst article of my life, I sincerely admitted that it was the most enjoyable.

The sun faded, and with the end of summer, it slowly began to take what it gave with the spring. I knew it would take you too. Sitting and waiting for the day to wither was worse, my friend, than all the days when desperation suffocated me.

Happy anniversary my darling. I hope we have many more years. I love you very much, man. I am in love with you, İbrahim Alper. darling anniversary. Happy anniversary of our dear love. This date also marks our anniversary, and the 7th month of our relationship. Exactly a year ago.

I felt crying for the first time when I saw the leaves turning yellow as I passed the roads, not to be happy. I knew I was getting closer to the day when its light would begin to fade as each day passed. However, that day was never coming. It struck me that I wasn’t strong enough to stop time, like a slap in the face.

I tried to go before you left, and I’m deeply glad that I couldn’t stand behind a decision I made for the first time. It was obvious that I hurt you, though I never believed I would have time to wrap that wound. When autumn rang, I opened the door with a faint grain of hope inside me. It was cold again, but hotter than ever before. The passing of each day sprinkled my heart with fear as well as hope, the more I get attached, the harder it will be for you to go.

And I was still adamantly denying that you suddenly had everything. As time passed, my hope increased and my fear decreased. Summer had lost all its influence, but you were standing there. Brighter than ever, more perfect…. And September 21. That day, a sun that will never set arose in my life. My heart has had a more real spring than any spring, and I was insanely happy about it, darling. On the other side, I’m not going to talk about having a platonic love affair.

Because I’ve always taught myself to be happy just with your presence. Every flutter was for you, the butterfly on my breast. My blood flows in your name through my veins. While it is the most wonderful thing I have today, I made sure it will be in my future too. This is the first time I loved spring with you.

Look, I can’t even write. However, I know that no one expects high performance from me, it has been a long time since I concluded that human languages ​​are inadequate for us, right? I am sure that he will always be by my side, he will hold my hand every second, that even when I get old, he will be the only person that makes my heart beat when I look into his eyes, and I see no harm in anyone knowing that.

I knew it was the most precious thing for me, even when I was so afraid of it and didn’t admit that I was in love because I was so scared. I knew that if I lost you, I would collapse, I couldn’t breathe. Now I think, while it was very unusual and impossible for you to belong to me at the time, it feels so funny to think of a world where you don’t belong to me now. We discovered this together, right darling? We discovered many things together. We love each other, our love, our future… And how much we love to refresh our memories.

That’s why this blog was launched today. Maybe you take my hand in your hands and look with love as if looking at the most perfect thing in the world, close my eyes just to protect me when spider-like beings appear in the cinema, lean my head against your chest, come here when I’m scared and calm me with your own perfect methods, and even never talk but watch me and be mine. It’s late to write down other times like bus rides where I slept soundly and then hurt your arm, but not for the rest of this.

When we look at it years later, we can now record our memories that we will remember over and over again how perfect he was, and even show our children. Because everything will change. We will change, our future will be shaped, that great longing will end one day. And most of all, our love will change. ‘Cause we’ll fall in love again, every minute, every second That’s why we can’t quit no matter what. Because in a world where every moment strengthens its existence, it is impossible for us to live without each other anymore. Yes, it must be obvious that I wrote this article in a drowsiness.

But I’m not worried no, because you understand what I’m feeling even if I don’t always say it. Of my deep breathing, my sighs, my close eyes. Or the great, peaceful silence I showed after the shhhh.

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